Why a Renew Reefer Trailer?

Refrigerated transportation is booming due to factors such as new regulations, the increasing popularity of fast food and online grocery ordering. There’s always the option of used trailer refrigeration units for sale. To choose a used reefer trailer may indeed be the cheapest and best choice. However, it could lead to less high quality or inefficient offerings than buying new. Everyone would love a brand new reefer trailer with all its perks and pristine condition. But buying brand new also isn’t exactly within everyone’s budget.

Today there’s a different, and perhaps better option on the market now in the renew reefer. The renew reefer trailer is also known as a combo trailer and has been developed with the idea to reap benefits from both new and used reefer trailers. A renew reefer uses a combination of a new reefer unit and a used trailer (in excellent condition) in order to provide the best of both worlds. When you invest in a pristine used trailer and then a new reefer unit you get everything that’s wonderful about an entirely brand new unit but at a much lower cost. What’s more, the new reefer unit is often installed onto the used trailer underneath a warranty, so you have nothing to fear about the quality of the entire unit. This way you won’t buy a reefer trailer completely new and spend a fortune, but still will reap all the benefits without that completely brand new reefer trailer cost.

When looking into used trailer refrigeration units for sale, efficiency has been becoming more and more of a factor. Keeping the temperature range of the refrigerated trailer between -20 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit may keep all goods fresh and ready for delivery, but it also comes at an energy cost. By adding a new reefer unit onto a used reefer trailer, which can last for years and come available in pristine conditions, you’re saving not only money but costly energy while transporting your goods.

If you’re looking at used trailer refrigeration units for sale, be sure to consider a renew reefer. It may very well be the best of all worlds for you and your business. If you want to get into the reefer trailer game, then used trailer refrigeration units for sale are also always good options and are readily available. But don’t pass up the chance to really excel in today’s market with a renew reefer trailer.

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