What’s A Renew Reefer Trailer And Why Is It Heating Up The Market?

In years past, you only had two options when buying a reefer trailer unit. Those options were to buy new or to buy used.

One of these options was more expensive while the other wasn’t exactly high-quality. Fortunately, the newest trend known as the renew reefer has been developed to save the day.

What’s a renew reefer?

A renew reefer is the latest trend in the refrigerated trailer market. Also known as the combo reefer trailer, a renew reefer is the combination of a used reefer trailer and a new reefer unit.

This new combination gives businesses like yours the ability get the high-quality reefer trailers you need without paying an arm and a leg for an entirely new reefer trailer. What’s more, these reefer units are installed by certified technicians and come under a warranty so you have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Why put a new reefer unit and a used trailer together?

Used reefer units only last so long and may not be worth the money for the amount of time they’ll be on your trailer. But used trailers can last for years and come in like-new conditions.

By putting a new reefer unit and a used trailer together, your business can save up to $30,000 in years of service, reliability, and energy efficiency.

When you choose to get a trailer that’s used and in excellent condition, you choose to get the same use out of your entire reefer trailer that you would get out of a new one but at half the price.

What’s more, you can save even more money on your company’s reefer trailers by buying renew reefers wholesale.

Where can I find a reefer trailer for sale?

The reefer trailer market has been heating up in recent years. In fact, between January 2017 and January 2018, the number of orders for reefer trailers has increased by 250%.

In January 2018 alone, up to 44,000 reefer trailers were ordered in the United States. Now’s your chance to order your own.

If you’re looking for a reefer trailer for sale, Rock TT is the place for you. From Rock TT, you can buy reefer units wholesale without worrying about to middleman. For more information on our wholesale reefer units or reefer trailer costs, contact Rock TT today.

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