The 3 Most Common Issues With Used Reefer Trailers

Reefers are an integral part of the freight and logistics industries. They are capable of carrying a maximum weight of 44,000 pounds of temperature-sensitive goods for hundreds of miles at a time. When figuring out how to choose a used reefer, there are things that you should look for before you hand over any cash. Here are the three most common issues with units on used reefer trailers.

Fluid And Air Leaks

Reefers feature several cooling mechanisms that have the potential for causing fluid and air leaks. When you buy a reefer trailer, be sure to check for leaks first. Besides inspecting the engine, you should also pay attention to the condenser and compressor that keeps perishable goods at the right temperature for transport. Inspect the equalizer tubes which control how much liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator. Also, check for any cracked cooling hoses or belts and broken seals around the doors.

It’s also a good idea to keep a UV coolant leak detector handy. This can help you determine the source of a leak if you’re unable to spot it with your own eyes. You may also want to determine if the leaks are happening on a constant basis or only when the unit is turned on or off. This can help you diagnose the problem easier and faster.

Calibration For Sensors

Another factor you’ll want to consider when determining how to choose a used reefer is the calibrators. These regulate temperature and can create problems with the sensors if they’re faulty. This can lead to inaccurate readings or alerts given at the wrong times. If the cooling temperature is not right, it can put your cargo at risk.

Bulkhead Issues

Bulkheads help separate different temperature-sensitive types of cargo within the same reefer unit. If the airflow through these bulkheads is faulty or blocked, it can negatively impact different temperature zones within the used reefer trailers. This is a serious concern for used and new reefer trailer operators as it can damage partial sections of cargo during shipment.

As you can see, there are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind as you’re determining how to choose a used reefer. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of used refrigerated trailers for sale before you buy. You’ll avoid expensive maintenance problems in the future and make sure your cargo gets delivered into your customer’s hands exactly the way it needs to be.

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