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Want to Sell Your Equipment?

You Can Spend An Hour Filling Out Forms On Other Websites, Or You Can Just Give Us A Call. We’ll Be Glad To Talk To You About What You Have To Sell, And How We Will Help You Get The Highest Price.


If You’d Rather Drop Us An Email With A Few Details, Feel Free To Use The Link Below.


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How The Agent Program Works

1 - We work for YOU... literally... on your staff.

You've got a company to run and don't have the time to get top dollar for your equipment. We're on your team for as long as you need us, NO fees, NO salaries, NO anything, just a commission at the successful completion of the sale. You get our team, our network of buyers, our databases, and our experience.

2 - Determine strategy to get you the most money.

Maybe the most important step happens up front. We know the equipment market because we're talking to dealers and users around the country every day. The key is to know where specific equipment is selling for the top dollar. Maybe your equipment is hot in Great Lakes area? Or maybe down south? Some might do best at auction, and others for export buyers. We take your equipment and market it where it will bring you the most money.

3 - Rock does the heavy lifting.

Taking calls, sending pictures, answering questions, arranging for people to see it, talking financing issues, dealing with the banks, titles, on and on. You don't have to do any of it. We work with your staff to get what we need and we'll take if from there. You're in control at all times, but we mess with the day to day process.

4 - Our motivation is the same as yours - the highest price.

Normal dealers make their money by buying it cheap from you, sitting it on their lot, adding a big mark up, and trying to sell it to somone else. Their motivation is to give you as Little as possible. Our motivation is to sell it for as MUCH as possible so we can make more too. The more we get for you, the more we make.

5 - Call us and lets talk.

Just give us a call and we can talk through how it works and what you're going to sell. If it fits for you, great. If not, it only cost you a little time. Don't just keep working with the "dealer up the road" without considering the advantages of having an agent represent your equipment. You make more, and do less.