On The Hunt For A Used Reefer Trailer? Avoid These Mistakes

In a single year, the number of reefer trailer orders increased by 250%. By investing in used reefer trailers, you can bypass the backorders caused by these jumps in demand.

But there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you sign your name on the dotted line. Buyers make mistakes when they rush into a trailer purchase.

To keep you from losing your ROI and regretting your purchase, here are the mistakes you want to avoid making when you’re on the hunt for a used reefer trailer.

Forgetting to inspect the trailer’s structural components

You wouldn’t buy a used car without giving it a test drive first. So why would you buy a trailer without inspecting its structural components first?

You want to be sure that the trailer you’re buying doesn’t have fresh welds or rust anywhere. Grab a flashlight, check the undercarriage, and give the trailer a serious inspection. The more confident you feel in your purchase, the better.

Forgetting to check for compatibility

Unfortunately, you can’t invest in just any reefer trailer when you need a new one. The trailer needs to be compatible with your truck so that it can fit securely and you can efficiently operate your business.

That said, be sure to look at the trailer’s service records and compatibility before contacting the seller. The last thing you want is a trailer that you can’t use.

Failing to look into the company you’re buying from

You’re buying a used reefer trailer for your business. That means the trailer you buy needs to be up to your standards. The only way you’re going to find a trailer like that is when you buy from a reputable company.

Once you find the used refrigerated trailers for sale that you want, research the company that’s selling them. You want quality products, but you also want to see good reviews.

Where can I find used refrigerated trailers for sale?

Reefer trailers can handle a lot. In fact, the max weight a reefer trailer can carry is 44,000 pounds.

But refrigerated trailers can’t operate at their maximum forever. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. The good news is that replacing your reefer trailers doesn’t need to be extremely expensive.

Rock TT offers renewed reefer trailers so you can get all the benefits of a new reefer trailer at a lower cost. To learn more about our used reefer trailers and wholesale reefer units, contact Rock TT about our used refrigerated trailers for sale today.

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