New Year, New Unit: Reefer Trailer Trends Of 2018

Like other industries, the refrigerated transportation industry has its problems (such as finding and keeping drivers) and its trends. The good news is that the global refrigerated trailer market is expected to reach a value of $7,658 billion by 2022.


With equipment changing and automation becoming a bigger player in the world of commercial trucking, it’s important to keep your eye on shifts in the industry. That said, here are some of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the reefer industry this year.


Cost-consciousness with reefer trailers


One of the biggest trends this year has been renew reefer trailers. Renew reefer trailers are used reefer trailers that have been installed with a new reefer unit.


This is significant considering how expensive new reefer trailers can be. Renew reefer trailers give small trucking businesses the leg up they need to expand their business. It also helps to keep like-new reefer trailers out of the dump when they can be put to work.


Greater focus on efficiency


New models of reefer units have been in development to increase the overall efficiency of the reefer trailer. For instance, reefer units that are able to be plugged into AC power and run without the diesel engine of the truck can keep the products in the trailer cool without draining the truck’s fuel.


Reefer unit companies are also driving reefer unit models to be smaller. The lighter the reefer unit is, the more freight can be loaded up into the truck and the fewer trips the trucker will need to make.


Improved trailer durability


Like the truck bed of a pickup truck, the inside of a reefer trailer can take a beating. With recent pushes to get freight to their destination faster and on shorter trips, the goal of those loading and unloading the truck is speed and not gentleness.


Rather than insist trucking companies slow down, trailer manufacturers are meeting their needs by making the inside of trailers more durable.


Where can I find wholesale reefer units near me?


Between January 2017 and January 2018, the number of refrigerated trailer orders jumped 250%. Renew reefer trailers given trucking companies the advantage of buying like-new trailers with new reefer units at a lower price.


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