How Can I Boost Fuel Efficiency For My Truck And Reefer Unit?

Refrigeration unit fuel efficiency has always been a priority, but now it’s more important than ever due to rising fuel prices. As a truck driver, two of your top concerns are lower margins and rising operating costs.

That said, it’s crucial that you’re able to find savings wherever you can. That includes finding the right savings in fuel efficiency.

Can I boost fuel efficiency by reducing my engine load?

Many truck drivers have attempted to boost their fuel efficiency by making changes to their engines. While this may seem like a good idea in theory alongside reducing the load applied to the engine, the results are small.

Such a low percentage change in fuel usage isn’t worth the changes you’d make to your engine. Fortunately, you can still save on fuel efficiency in other ways.

How can I save on fuel efficiency?

One effective way to make your reefer trailer more fuel efficient is by running your reefer unit on electrical standby. When your reefer unit is plugged into the power source from a building’s electrical supply, it’s not using the fuel from your truck.

Hybrid reefer units have an all-electric design. This means that the hybrid reefer unit may be a natural fit for fuel efficiency by running the unit on electric standby. It may be a good idea to use a hybrid reefer unit with a used reefer trailer for optimal savings.

What’s more, not only does electrical standby boost the fuel efficiency of your truck but it also boosts the fuel efficiency of the reefer unit as well. Because the reefer unit is hooked up the electrical system of the building, it’s using none of its own power.

Where can I get more information about used reefer trailers?

In January 2018, up to 40,000 refrigerated trailers were ordered in the United States. Instead of buying a new refrigerated trailer, you might consider wholesale used reefer trailers instead.

Used reefer trailers are another great way you can save on money. With a new reefer unit and a like-new trailer, you can get the same efficiency as a new reefer trailer at a lower cost.

With Rock TT, you can buy wholesale reefer units for your business without having to work around the middleman. To learn more about our used reefer trailers for sale, contact Rock TT today.

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