Great Tips for Taking Care of Your Reefer Trailer

Most people wish their new reefer trailer would last an eternity in the original condition (mint and squeaky clean) it came from the showroom. At least 95% of all the 500,000 reefer trailer drivers had this sort of wish over their driving career. Unfortunately, this is a dream that will never come true, and that’s a real bummer.

Reefer trucks are machines, and just like any other machine, these machines wear and tear over time. But here’s the good news, with a couple of touch-ups and a few tweaks here and there, your old reefer trailers can look and work just like a new reefer trailer fresh off the factory.

In this post, let’s discuss some simple things you could do to maintain your reefer trailer so that it lasts an eternity.

How to Maintain Your Reefer Trailer for Longevity

1. Wash Your Reefer Trailer Regularly

No one likes a dirty rig, so make sure you always clean your reefer trailer regularly. Remember your reefer trailer is likely carrying sensitive items like food and pharmaceuticals which could be contaminated by accumulated dirt and grime. This cross contamination is more likely to happen if you don’t keep your trailer clean.

Cleaning is also important to minimize rust and corrosion and prevent it from occurring earlier in the reefer trailer’s life cycle. If food is your main haul, then you might want to clean your reefer box after every load. Many carriers require a wash out.  It makes sense to clean it regulary because food debris may fall on the floor when loading or unloading, or while traveling, and contaminate your next load. Today’s reefers are mostly ducted floor and many produce items, like potatoes, can become wedged into the ducted floor.  

2. Don’t Overload

Most reefer trailer owners have been tempted to overload at least once or twice. The temptation to do so is especially overwhelming when you have a new reefer unit that you are sure is up to the task.  Even the brand new reefer units sold on Rock’s Trailers can’t overcome a lack of airflow.  

Overloading your carrier reefer will greatly disrupt the airflow inside the reefer unit which causes insufficient freezing. This airflow disruption is the reason why all reefer trailers have a set maximum load that you shouldn’t exceed.

3. Always Keep the Fuel Tank Full

This may sound excruciating for many penny pinchers who would rather save on the extra fuel. But ensuring your fuel is always topped is always good for your new reefer trailer.

Remember the fuel in your tank is also a coolant for your fuel pump and injector systems. Whenever your fuel tank is less than half, the cooling unit will draw build-up from the tank into the line which could have you calling the mechanic pretty soon.

4. Don’t Skip the Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps detect problems early and prevents your reefer trailer from breaking down during trips. This routine maintenance will eventually save you a lot of money and time in terms of repairs. They’ll also help fetch you a good amount of money when you put up your reefer trailer for sale.

During your reefer trailer’s regular maintenance check, make sure your mechanic inspects the alternator and engine starter, as well as the reefer unit; these are critical parts of your trailer that your mechanic should never overlook.

Maintaining your reefer trailer doesn’t have to be rocket science. These few tips could make even the oldest reefer trailers run like they’re brand new. Contact Rock TT if you want to learn more!

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