Do You Need A Reefer Trailer? 4 Products That Require Refrigerated Shipping

If your business uses any sort of shipping, it can be a very good idea to have your own fleet of trucks rather than relying on a third party. Having your own drivers and trucks for shipping can help you cut down on expenses in the long run. But what sort of truck do you need? Specialized trailers are used for different types of shipping. If you ship or work with any of these products, it might be a good idea to start looking at reefer trailer costs, because you’ll want to buy a reefer unit for sure.


  • Produce And Meats: If you’re working with any sort of food product that could go bad while on the road, you’ll need to buy reefer trailers to keep your product safe and fresh. Make sure that you buy new reefer trailers for this particular type of product to make sure that your food items are kept as sanitary as possible.


  • Photography Supplies and Chemicals: While it might not be as essential for digital cameras, the temperature can be critical for safe delivery of film photography equipment. The various chemicals used in photo development and printing can stop working if exposed to the wrong temperatures before use, so keeping them refrigerated during shipping is a must.


  • Medical Equipment: If you’re transporting any sort of medical equipment, start looking at reefer trailer costs now. Many medical devices are temperature-sensitive and require a specific temperature range to be maintained in order to still be used safely after shipping. Luckily, reefer temperatures can be set anywhere between -20 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so your product will get where it’s going safely.


  • Biohazards: Another medical situation, keeping this type of product cold is a serious matter. Any sort of blood donations, chemicals, or other medicines need to be kept cold to be safe, and that includes during shipping. This isn’t just a matter of keeping food fresh; this is a matter of making sure sick patients are treated correctly.

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