Buying Wholesale – Pros and Cons

Buying a truck or trailer at a wholesale price is definitely the cheapest way to get a great deal, BUT there are drawbacks to consider as well.


Buying a trailer from a wholesaler saves money…lots of money. You cut out the retail dealer mark-up which can often be $5,000-$10,000. On a truck, the mark-up can be $7,000-$13,000 in many cases.

Buying equipment from a wholesaler removes negotiation and retail gamesmanship. The price is the price. Do not confuse wholesale buying with what you are used to with the local dealer. You won’t have to play those games to get the best price. If you like to negotiate back and forth, you won’t get that with a wholesaler.


If you need to spend an afternoon “picking out” your trailer or test driving your truck, then buying at wholesale price isn’t for you. You need to buy retail. Wholesalers will provide the specs and pictures of representative unit from inventory, but that’s usually all. Inventory moves too fast. Wholesalers will guarantee the the truck or trailer meets specs and the pictures that were provided.
Getting the best price usually doesn’t mean buying up the street, and for some people that’s a hassle. It means you’ll likely have to go pick up the equipment or have it delivered for a fee. Because you are in the transport business, picking up the truck or trailer may not be a problem at all.
Wholesale deals on equipment go fast. If you’re not prepared to make a decision, beware that the equipment often sells within days and you might lose out.

Buying equipment from a wholesale equipment dealer is not the same as buying from your local retail sales lot. If you are interested in the bottom line price, wholesale trailers and trucks are the way to go.