6 Important Aspects For Finding Quality Used Refrigerated Trailers

Buying a reefer trailer for commercial purposes has significantly increased around the country. Recent studies show that reefer trailers bought between January 2017 and January 2018 increased by 250%. With an increase in the number of people buying wholesale reefer units for sale, market forces have changed, and demand for reefer units has exceeded supply leading to increased prices.  Now, in 2019, we’ve seen the big adjustment back as freight rates have dropped significantly, the drivers will leave the reefer sector for dry vans or flatbeds. Prices, unfortunately, haven’t dropped because dealers are holding inventory they bought when the market was hot.  

To avoid spending too much money on reefer trailers, people are moving to used trailers, or many are choosing used trailers with new refrigeration. Technicians indicate that used reefer trailers offer the same value as new reefer trailers for sale. However, before you purchase used trailer refrigeration units for sale, here are some things that you should consider:

1. Check the Floor

Checking the floor before purchasing used trailer refrigeration units for sale is one of the most important aspects to consider. It allows you to test the physical and structural strength of the reefer unit before you can spend your money. You need to walk and jump on it and see whether it holds your weight without making a sound.

2. Crawl Underneath

Many people tend to pay attention to the physical appearance of used trailer refrigeration units for sale on the upper side of the trailer and forget the critical areas underneath. There is no doubt you will struggle to crawl underneath, but it will be important since you’ll be checking for rust, corrosion, damage, and fractures from frame rails. Ignoring things like rust and corrosion will only cost you more money in the long run.

3. Look for Leaks

Leaks are common issues among used refrigerated trailers for sale. Leaks mean that your reefer is not working as expected, and replacement or repair is imminent. The efficiency of the entire reefer is minimized, which is something you don’t want. Therefore, you have to make sure that you look for damaged areas of the box. You can easily detect leaks by checking at the corners, cracks, and other areas where light is seeping through.

4. Check Excess Weight

Whether you are buying a new or used refrigerator trailer, you have to check the overall weight. Excess weight adds load to your trailer, which means that you will use more fuel. You can check all the weight specs by running your trailer over a scale. One of the causes of excess weight is the water that accumulates under the skin of the panels. Trailers can lose between 2-5% of their thermal efficiency each year.

5. Buy from Trusted Sellers

Many people make the mistake of buying refrigerator trailers from the guy on Craigslist or Facebook.  You can get a good deal sometimes, but it is also the easiest way to get burned. Try to buy from reputable companies that have been in the industry for an extended period. By buying from reputable used reefer trailer dealers, you are likely to get discounts and may even get a short warranty. Reefer dealers like Rock Truck & Trailer are designed to keep customers for the long haul, and they’ll stand behind their trailers.  

6. Costs Involved

The amount of money involved when purchasing used trailer refrigeration units for sale is an important factor that you need to put into consideration. A used refrigeration trailer is 40% cheaper compared to new units. Therefore, you don’t have to buy an overpriced used trailer. However, it is important to avoid very cheap used reefers as it is an indication of low quality.  Buying a used reefer trailer with a brand new reefer unit is often the best value for your money. You save $20,000 or more on the reefer box and get the same brand new reefer unit that you’d get on a new trailer. New trailers depreciate the second they leave the dealer’s lot, and the used trailer saves you all that money.

Buying a used reefer trailer is a common undertaking. If you are considering buying a used trailer this year, these are some of the simple strategies you can use to choose a used reefer trailer — by incorporating these strategies, you will get a great unit that offers value for your money.

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