4 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Reefer Unit 

Are you going to buy a new reefer unit or are you looking around at used reefer trailers? Here are four important tips for when you’re buying a reefer trailer, whether it is new or used.

Get the Right Size Reefer Unit

When you buy a reefer unit, the number one factor to think about is that all measurements are done correctly. You want to be sure that the size of the reefer is measured accurately so that it will fit the trailer you’ll be using. This goes for whether you are going to choose a used reefer or invest in a new one. Don’t “guesstimate” even though it is pretty safe to say that a reefer trailer, in general, has an average size of about 13.5 ft in height and measures between 28 and 53 ft long. Be specific with your measurements. Do everything you can to avoid not having your measurements done properly. If you don’t get the height measurements correct, your reefer unit will not fit the chassis. Another problem that could occur would be that when the liftgate is lowered it doesn’t touch the ground. This is a huge problem, a disaster, really. Why? Because If the liftgate doesn’t touch the ground, it will make it virtually impossible to roll carts and cargo out of the back of the truck onto the street or the delivery area.

Consider a Renew Reefer

You should definitely think about a renew reefer trailer. A renew reefer trailer has a slightly used trailer, but a new refrigerator unit. A major benefit to a renew reefer is that they are great for keeping your cargo nice and cold without killing you for costs on the trailer. The refrigerator unit is where you’re going to end up losing a lot of money if it does not work effectively. You’ll be paying more to keep your cargo cold if you’re using an old, outdated unit. A renew reefer gives you the best of both worlds. You get a good sturdy trailer, and a new reefer unit.

Get the Right Type of Rear Door

There are two things about the rear door to think about. First of all, you have to decide between roll-up and hinge. In general, hinged doors will keep the cool air inside the truck better and longer than a roll-up door. Since this type of door results in better insulation inside the reefer unit, the cargo that you are transporting will stay at a specific temperature more consistently. Whether you are thinking about buying a new reefer trailer or looking around at used reefer trailers, the issue of the rear door is critical. In addition to insulation, the second thing you have to think about is energy cost. A roll-up door allows all the cold air that is inside the unit to escape. This puts additional stress on the cooling mechanism and will use more energy. Ultimately, this is going to translate into higher operating costs for you.

Check the Airflow

A key point in purchasing a reefer unit is that you check the airflow. Then, analyze what type of product will you be shipping and how will your cargo be packaged? Will it sit flat on the floor? Will it be on pallets? Will it be in boxes? Will it be in milk crates? You need to keep the cooling uniform throughout the entire reefer unit. The best way to do that is to assess the type of cargo that you are transporting and the way that it will be packaged. Comparing and analyzing these factors will tell you what you need about checking the airflow in the floor spec of your reefer unit, and to make sure our cargo gets the all the cool air it needs.

This checklist covers the main points that you’re going to have to think about and look into when you go to buy a reefer trailer. Talk to others in the business, and get their recommendations. When you’ve done your research, you’ll be in a great position to decide which reefer unit is best for your business and for your budget.

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