4 Signs You Need A New Reefer Trailer

In the trucking industry, your reefer unit is a crucial part of getting your shipments done correctly and on time. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find that your reefer unit failed on you and your shipment’s gone to waste.


To keep these types of problems from happening, we’ve compiled a list of signs to know when it’s time to get yourself a new reefer trailer.



  1. You’re experiencing fluid leaks. You can usually keep fluid leaks from happening in your reefer trailer by keeping your reefer unit on its maintenance schedule and having your trailer services when needed. But, if you keep experiencing leaks like engine oil and coolant, it may be time to turn in your reefer trailer for a new one.
  2. Your reefer unit has condenser issues. One of the key components of your reefer unit is the condenser. When there’s a problem with the condenser, such as missing bolts or clamps, leaks, or damaged and broken coils, it can significantly affect your load.
  3. You’ve had too many sensor malfunctions. Sensor malfunctions can be the worst because you don’t always realize the malfunction right away. Your reefer unit needs to be calibrated for the sensors to work or else you’ll get inaccurate readings of temperatures and the temperature inside the trailer won’t be correct. Sometimes a driver only needs to check their reefer unit when their reefer trailer is serviced to ensure the sensors are working properly, but if your sensors continue to malfunction it may be time to get yourself a new reefer trailer.
  4. Your door seals are damaged. For your reefer trailer to work and keep your load cool, the doors need to be completely sealed. If not, the temperature won’t stay regulated. If your door hinges are broken or the seals on the trailer have been damaged in a way that won’t let the doors seal completely, you might need a new reefer trailer.



Looking for a renew reefer trailer?


The global market for refrigerated trailers is expected to reach a market value of over $7.6 billion by 2022. If you’re a trucker, you understand how expensive it can be to invest in a new reefer trailer every time you need a new reefer unit.


Renew reefer trailers give you the ability to buy a new reefer unit with a like-new reefer trailer, so you can get the whole package at a lower cost. To learn more about our used reefer trailers for sale and wholesale reefer units, contact Rock TT today.

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