3 Tips For Buying Reefer Trailers With Used Thermo King Refrigeration Units

Buying used refrigerated trailers for sale takes some time and dedication in order to choose the right one. With their ability to carry up to 44,000 pounds, you want to make sure you choose the best one you can find for your business. What should you look for? Here are three tips on buying reefer trailers with used Thermo King refrigeration units.

Reefer Hours

Reefer unit hours are more important to buyers than how old the trailer is. Reefer units typically log around 4,000 hours maximum each year. A trailer that is three years old can be expected to have between 9,000 to 12,000 hours on its refrigerated unit. The hours on a unit can be compared to the miles accumulated on a truck. More hours means that the unit was more heavily used. Any units for sale that are over 30,000 hours are generally considered to not be reliable.

Ask if you can store goods for a few hours within the unit to test it. If the stored goods are in good condition after a few hours, you might consider it trustworthy enough to carry goods for you. Most sellers will give you this opportunity to test the units out so they can sell their trailer.

Repair Costs

When looking at used reefer trailers for sale, inspect the overall condition of the used Thermo King refrigeration units. Look for any signs of damage or rust that can lead to expensive repair costs. Try to determine how much these repairs might end up costing you and include these costs in your price negotiations with the buyer.

Fuel Consumption

You will want to inspect the service and maintenance records for how much fuel the reefer trailer consumes on a regular basis. Used reefer trailers often have fuel-efficient appliances installed in the engine to help conserve costs. Looking for fuel efficiency can help you save money in the long run.

Following these tips will help make buying reefer trailers with used Thermo King refrigeration units much easier. It’s important to take your time to research your options carefully when you choose a used reefer to buy. Read online reviews for dealers near you and ask family and friends for recommendations. Don’t settle for less simply because you’re spending less.

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