3 Reasons to Buy a Reefer Trailer, not a Reefer Truck

Reefer trucks and reefer trailers keep sensitive goods at the correct temperature while they are being transported from point A to point B. This is a very important process that prevents goods from spoiling, and ensures that items arrive in safe condition for usage. Reefers transport more than food. They also move pharmaceuticals, health and beauty items, electronics and even artwork.

Considering how critical these transports are, should you buy a reefer trailer or a reefer truck?

Here are three reasons why you should buy a reefer trailer.

1) More convenient: Reefer trailers offer drivers more flexibility and convenience, compared to reefer trucks. Reefer trucks combine the truck and refrigerated unit into one piece. For example, picture an ice cream truck or a local produce delivery van.

A reefer trailer is a single, stand alone piece of equipment that you can hook up to any truck. Therefore, different trucks could share a single trailer. The reefer unit can be removed when not in use. In addition, reefer trailers can hall refrigerated and dry goods. There are retail reefer units and wholesale reefer units.

This is likely why there are up to 500,000 reefer trailers currently in operation in the United States.Allied Market Research also estimates that the global reefer trailer market will grow from $5.6 million in 2015 to $7.7 million by 2022.

2) Larger storage space: Most refrigerated trucks are 15 to 20 feet long. Reefer trailers come in standard lengths between 28 and 53 feet. This extra space allows drivers to move a larger load.

3) Increased earning potential: Reefer trailers tend to hall larger, longer, coast to coast loads. Many truckers report this provides them greater earning potential and higher profit. If you can find wholesale reefer units, that will add even more to your bottom line.

Like many transport items on the market, there are new reefer trailers for sale and used reefer trailers for sale. There are also companies that offer a combination of both, often referred to as a “renew reefer trailer”. These renewed units have a new reefer unit installed in a used reefer trailer. This helps to ensure that the most critical part of the unit, the temperature setting, is fully functional and efficient. The renewed reefer trailers are also less expensive than brand new units. You can save even more money by purchasing wholesale reefer units.

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