3 Myths About Used Reefer Trailers, Busted

It’s no secret that refrigerated trailers are a major part of the trucking industry. Approximately 500,000 reefer trailers are currently operating on U.S. roads right now.

But there are some misconceptions about used reefer trailers that can keep trucking companies from cutting down costs on their trips. Here are some of the most common myths about new reefer trailers, busted:

  1. Used reefer trailers have a short lifespan. When you invest in a renew reefer trailer, you’re not picking up someone’s old reefer trailer. Renew reefer trailers use a refurbished trailer and a new reefer unit, which means their lifespan is just as long as a new reefer trailer. That is, as long you conduct proper maintenance.
  2. Used reefer trailers cost the same as new ones. Some truck drivers and trucking companies believe that used reefer trailers cost the same as new reefer trailers, and so it’s a better deal to invest in the newer trailer. But actually, renew reefer trailers are cheaper than new ones because the trailer has been recycled and refurbished to look like new. You also save money when you invest in a renew reefer trailer because you get all the benefits of a new reefer trailer at a lower price.
  3. Used reefer trailers are more likely to break down. A renew reefer trailer works just as well as a new one and isn’t any more likely to break down than a new trailer or reefer unit. As with any reefer trailer, it’s important that you clean your trailer regularly, that you turn off your reefer unit while you’re loading and unloading the trailer, and that your employees are inspecting the reefer trailer after every load. Maintenance and proper care is crucial whether your reefer unit is used or new.

Looking for used reefer trailers for sale?

If you’re looking to invest in new reefer trailers, you’re not alone. In fact, the global refrigerated market is expected to reach $7 billion in value by 2022. But don’t necessarily need to invest in new reefer trailers to get the most out of your product.

Rock TT offers used reefer trailers for sale, which gives you all the benefits of a new reefer unit without the expense of a new trailer. To learn more about our wholesale reefer units and used trailers, or to buy a reefer trailer yourself, contact Rock TT today.

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