3 Frequently Asked Questions Drivers Ask When Buying A Reefer Trailer

When buying a refrigerated trailer for your business, you need to ask yourself a few key questions first to make sure the reefer trailer is not only high-quality but also suitable for your business.

Aside from making sure your truck has the power to haul the reefer trailer at its full capacity, here are three frequently asked questions truckers ought to ask themselves when buying a reefer trailer.

  1. Is the reefer unit up to date? The refrigeration system of your reefer trailer is vital to ensuring your products say cool while on the way to your clients. Renew reefer trailers typically use used reefer trailers in great shape with a brand new refrigerated unit so you can be sure it’s up to the task.
  2. How good is the insulation of the reefer trailer? Even if you have a brand new reefer unit, you need to make sure the insulation in the reefer trailer is efficient enough to keep your products at the right temperature. If you don’t have sufficient insulation, your products can be impacted by the weather outside. And your reefer unit can only do so much. The cold air in the reefer trailer can escape through poorly insulated walls and floors, which can keep the inside of the trailer from reaching the right temperature for transportation.
  3. What kind of door do you need for deliveries? Depending on the types of deliveries you make, it’s important to consider the kind of door on the reefer trailer you’re buying. For instance, roll-up doors are convenient for drivers who need to open and close their reefer trailer repeatedly. But roll-up doors can also leak cool air from the inside of the trailer. Side-by-side doors that are insulated can be challenging to open repeatedly, but they’re considered the better option for refrigerated food delivery.

Looking for used reefer trailers with a new reefer unit?

The average temperature range for a reefer trailer is -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and to accomplish those temperatures you need an efficient reefer unit. Unfortunately, it can get expensive to purchase a new reefer trailer every time you need a new reefer unit.

That’s where renew reefer trailers come in. By using a used reefer trailer with a new reefer unit, you can get the best of both worlds at half the price. To learn more about how to choose a used reefer trailer for your business or to buy used reefer trailers, contact Rock TT today.

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